Managing a Data Analytics Team

Managing a Data Analytics Team




Welcome to our Managing a Data Analytics Team Training. Do you want to be able to:

  • Learn how to create a Data Analytics Team from the ground up;
  • Understand the main job roles to include within your team ;
  • Find out how to recruit individuals for a Data Analytics Team and onboard them;
  • Explore different ways to structure your team
  • Learn how to manage a Data Analytics Team and deal with common challenges?

Our  training is designed for both small and large organisations. You might already be a Data Analytics Manager with a large team, looking to understand how to be more effective or you might be building your Data Analytics Team for the first time. 

You’ll come away with the skills and confidence to develop a Data Analytics team which is right for your organisation and ensure that they becoming effective individuals within your wider team.

Our expert trainers have taken their face-to-face training content and adapted it to meet the increasing demand for online learning. Our experienced training staff, have created content to ensure your learning needs are met, whilst providing you with the flexibility of an online training course.

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What can you expect to learn?

Our training provides a thorough overview of how to manage a Data Analytics or Data Science Team effectively. It includes:

  • An introduction to the main job roles to include in your team, including the Manager, Data Analyst, Data Engineer and Data Scientist.
  • A look at how to recruit team members and how to run the interview process.
  • A run through of considerations when onboarding your team and manage them effectively.
  • Different team structures to adopt and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Defining success for your team.
  • How to promote Data Literacy throughout your organisation.
  • Addressing common challenges.
By completing this training you will feel confident and empowered to create and manage a Data Analytics Team effectively.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for anyone who works with or manages Data professionals. Participants are often managers of existing Data Analytics or Data Science teams, or team members who are looking to develop their managerial skills. Other attendees have also been CEOs who are looking to develop a Data Analytics team in-house and would like to understand where to start.

How it works

This training is delivered through 14 lessons combining instructional videos, examples and self-reflection activities. These are all supported by AiA developed frameworks and tools. 

The duration of the course is self-guided, with suggested pacing. Average time to complete is 2 weeks (part time) or 1/2 day intensive (full time). Access to all materials is available for six months from purchase


  • Managing a Data Analytics Team: $69*

*for EU states VAT may be applied to your purchase (Country Dependent).

Who runs it?

Philippa Smythe

Philippa is the founder of Analytics in Action. She has 10 years experience,  specialising in using data to support transformations and facilitate change. Her experience includes:

  • Creation of Theory of Change and Impact Measurement frameworks for non-profit organisations.
  • Analysis and Evaluation workstream lead on a £1billion transformation programme for the public sector.
  • Guiding small and medium sized organisations through challenging times.

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