Analytics in Action Ltd is dedicated to empowering leaders to transform their organisation and deliver its unique potential.

We are transformation specialists who use an evidence-based approach to support organisations in maximising their value and reaching their potential . We specialise in identifying opportunities for increased revenue, cost reduction and impact maximisation.

With 10 years experience in using data to support transformation, we work side by side with you to navigate through times of growth and opportunity, as well as, uncertainty or challenge. Whether you are facing financial difficulties in your organisation, or are ready to lead your team through a period of expansion, we can help.  


In our consulting projects, we work with you every step of the way through a period of change, as you look to define what the future of your organisation looks like. Using our signature Apollo method, our data bank of more than 150 initiatives and 10 years experience we assist you in:

  • identifying your strategy and defining what success looks like to you;
  • supporting you in developing your Theory of Change and Impact Measurement Framework;
  • developing a baseline or ‘As-Is’ position of how the organisation operates;
  • running diagnostics and identifying initiatives which will raise additional funds, make cost savings and improve cashflow;
  • developing an action plan and supporting you through implementing the initiatives within your organisation.
Case Studies

Public Sector Transformation Programme: Our team worked on a £1 billion transformation programme for the public sector. A multi-disciplinary team which identified £1 billion worth of benefits for a public sector organisation, we worked side by side with the organisation to facilitate large scale transformation, identifying opportunities for cost reduction, and efficiency measures which combined totalled £1billion. 

Renewable energy small business: A £4 million turnover business was looking to explore new markets and diversify its offering. Through a series of internal challenges, as well as issues related to COVID-19, they first needed to stabilise the existing business and generate a cash reserve to fund its strategy for the future. Firstly, we worked to establish a baseline for how the business was operating. This included a financial baseline, identifying exactly where and how the organisation was spending its money, and its main sources of revenue. We also developed an operational baseline, creating a series of process maps of the whole organisation. After running diagnostics, we identified a series of cost saving opportunities and opportunities to increase revenue, to help stabilise the current position. With cashflow being an issue, many initiatives focused on improving working capital and increasing the cash position within the business.

Mental Health non-profit organisation: A non-profit organisation which focused on improving mental health for the local population wanted to explore the options available to them, for how they delivered on its mission. Firstly, we established a baseline for how the organisation currently operated, identifying the main sources of income and where they were spending their money. We then worked with leadership to identify and articulate 5 strategic options for how they might proceed, to deliver its mission. We then performed an options appraisal to understand which was the most beneficial path going forward. Feedback from the client was that it helped provide them with clarity and focus going forward, as well as providing them with the information they needed to support a large grant application.

Youth Development non-profit organisation: An organisation which worked with young people to provide them with opportunities for the future was looking to understand the impact they were having and where to focus their resources and time going forward. Together we created a Theory of Change to articulate their mission, and key steps to get there. Next, we developed an impact measurement framework to support them in what data to collect and how to approach evidencing their impact more effectively.

Online Training Courses

We are also proud to introduce our online training opportunities designed specifically for non-profits to help them use evidence based approaches to support their organisation in becoming more effective. We recognise that not all non-profits, can realistically access a consultant to support them on their journey. Our online training provides you with access to the experience of our consultants, as well as many of the same frameworks and tools that we use, in a more accessible way. 

Our courses focus on the areas which can benefit non-profits most including more effective fundraising, evidencing impact, decision-making and more

Theory of Change 

A Theory of Change is a powerful tool which explains why the activities you are doing, will have  the impact you want to create in the world. 

Our facilitator training not only goes through the theory but also the concrete practical steps you need to take to create one, from identifying stakeholders, what research to do and meeting agendas. 

Measuring Impact

Do you want to be able to:
  • Evidence the impact you are having more effectively;
  • Improve your services;
  • Increase access to funding?

Our Measuring Impact course helps you develop an effective and bespoke approach to measuring your impact, no matter what size of organisation you are or where you are on your impact measurement journey.

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