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Theory of Change Training




As a non-profit you are the change makers of our world. You have a vision of the difference you want to make, but do you have a map for how to get there? 

A Theory of Change can be just that map. This popular tool helps bridge the gap between your organisation’s activities and your desired impact. In this course, you will discover how to create your own Theory of Change. By crafting your organisation’s story, it takes the needs of your beneficiaries and challenges you to uncover the exact journey they will be going on to experience real and lasting change.

A good Theory of Change is a powerful tool that can be used to effectively communicate with your stakeholders, support you with your Monitoring and Evaluation and guide your plans and strategy for a bright and successful future.

Registration is OPEN for our Theory of Change Facilitator and Theory of Change Fundamentals training.

Our expert trainers have taken their face-to-face training content and adapted it to meet the increasing demand for online learning. Our experienced training staff, have created content to ensure your learning needs are met, whilst providing you with the flexibility of an online training course.

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What can you expect to learn?

At the end of the Theory of Change Fundamentals training you will:

  • Understand what a Theory of Change is, when to create one, and how it is different from other management tools.
  • Be able to clearly articulate the benefits of a Theory of Change and why it can support your organisation,
  • Have an overview of the facilitation process needed to create your Theory of Change and the importance of backward mapping.
  • Know the difference between an output, outcome and impact, as well as, enablers and assumptions,
  • Understand how a Theory of Change works to support impact measurement.

By the end of our Theory of Change Facilitator training you will:

  • Feel confident in facilitating workshops for teams who want to develop a Theory of Change,
  • Know how to effectively engage stakeholders and what desk research to perform to support the development of your Theory of Change,
  • Have a bank of facilitation questions to ask to get the most out of your sessions, as well as training materials/facilitation session slides to use with your group,
  • Access to multiple AiA frameworks/tools to use to guide your Theory of Change development,
  • Be able to create a Beneficiary Avatar to support you in developing your Theory of Change,
  • Understand the key challenges in creating a Theory of Change and how to overcome them.
For a full syllabus and further information about the courses please complete the contact form.

Who is it for?

Our courses are suitable for anyone who runs an organisation, project or programme, who wants to be able to better understand, articulate and communicate the impact they are having. Participants are often trustees, leaders or other individuals responsible for strategy development, Monitoring and Evaluation or communication.

How it works

Our goal is to move beyond learning to application. We provide you with the same planning and facilitation materials we use in our consulting practice, for you to run guided workshops within your own organisation with a step-by-step guide on how to use them.

Our training is delivered through our online training platform using a combination of instructional videos, examples, case studies, and self-reflection activities. These are all supported by AiA developed frameworks and tools. 

Access to all materials is available for six months from purchase.


  • Theory of Change Fundamentals: $65*
  • Theory of Change Facilitator Training: $349*
  • Theory of Change Facilitator Training and Impact Measurement Bundle: $699*

We are able to offer discounts for multiple bookings. To find out more, please Contact Us

*For UK and EU states VAT may be applied to your purchase (country dependent).

Who runs it?

Philippa Smythe

Philippa is the founder of Analytics in Action. She has 10 years experience,  specialising in using data to support transformations and facilitate change. Her experience includes:

  • Creation of Theory of Change and Impact Measurement frameworks for non-profit organisations.
  • Analysis and Evaluation workstream lead on a £1billion transformation programme for the public sector.
  • Guiding small and medium sized organisations through challenging times.

Contact Us

Email the training team with any questions or queries you may have on our training courses by filling out the Contact Form.

Register online

Please register using one of the options below today. Once registered, you will be able to access all course materials for 6 months. For more information on our Impact Measurement training please visit the course page.

Theory of Change Fundamentals

Online Training
$ 65 6 months access
  • Learn what a Theory of Change is, and how it can be a powerful tool within your organisation
  • Self-paced and online

Theory of Change Facilitator Training

Online Training
$ 349 6 months access
  • Train to become a Theory of Change facilitator
  • Gain access to the same AiA materials we use to facilitate our Theory of Change clients.
  • Self-paced and online
  • Designated Coach

TOC Facilitator & Impact Measurement

Two course Bundle ($149 saving)
$ 699 12 months access
  • Theory of Change Facilitator Training: Train to become a Theory of Change facilitator
  • Impact Measurement Training: Develop the skills to identify, measure and powerfully communicate your impact.
  • Gain access to the same AiA materials we use to facilitate our Theory of Change clients.
  • Self-paced and online
  • Designated Coach

Theory of Change

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